Home Décor Buying Tips

So you’ve just moved to a new house and now you want to make it your own. Paint the walls and bring in your furniture. Let it come to life by getting a few home decorations that reflect your personality. You don’t have to spend much to do it. Go online shopping to find discount items that fit your budget. Use coupons whenever you can to reduce your expenses. For example, you can apply a Wayfair promo code during checkout to lower the charge on your credit card. Here are some tips that you might want to consider before you begin putting items in your shopping cart:

1. Pick a Theme

Think of your vision for the overall look of the interiors. There are a lot of themes to choose from and you can always make up your own. For example, you might go for a rustic look which would suit a house that is out in the country. You could go for a modern minimalist style that keeps it simple yet classy that has a lot of silver, white, black, glass, and geometric shapes. For devoted travelers, an Asian style might work well as you can incorporate many of your souvenirs into the décor. If you are feeling adventurous, then do something extraordinary like using your favorite painter, movie, or book as the theme.

2. Keep It Clean

Clutter makes everything look chaotic. It won’t matter if you have a lot of good pieces in your house if things are in a mess. They will not be seen enough to make any impact. They will only get lost in a sea of disorder. Be sure to minimize the unnecessary items in your house so that they don’t distract from the décor. Organize whatever is left afterward to make things easy to find. When you shop for items, try to limit your purchase to a small number because having a lot of objects competing for attention will only result in visual confusion.

3. Find a Focal Point

There should be one defining piece in your living room. Make this the focal point of your design from which everything else emanates. Find this first before selecting the smaller items as you want everything to match this showpiece. It could be a painting with an impressive frame that draws the eyes. You could find a sculpture or a similar object and place it on the mantel. You might even go for a Persian rug and hang it on the wall for a great conversation starter. Be as creative as you would like to be with this.

4. Go Light and Bright

Space is extremely valuable right now with overcrowding, especially in the cities. Homes usually have very small footprints. Dark colors will only make things feel even more cramped. In contrast, bright colors will make the rooms feel bigger than they really are. Paint the walls with a light hue such as white, pale yellow, and similar shades whenever possible. Go for décor that is mostly bright as well, though they can have a slightly darker frame for a nice contrast. Use sheer curtains to let the sunlight in during the day and save on energy.

5. Add a Dash of Color

Just because you are trying to make the house look bright and spacious doesn’t mean you have to go all white for everything. Indeed, this is the perfect color to bounce off light all over the room but you can add a dash of color here and there with décor. For example, get small pillows for your sofa with bold colors and fun patterns. Use picture frames with bold hues which should appear striking against a white wall. Put a colorful centerpiece on your coffee table such as a vase with flowers or a bowl of fruits.

6. Work on the Walls

If you have a lot of bare walls, consider installing shelves that can serve as additional storage areas for your books and collectibles. These can be excellent décor in their own right. You may also hang family portraits, paintings, and prints to add visual interest. Go for one big painting or several small prints that have the same theme for a great effect.