One Of The Best Vaping Companies

Vaporfi is one of the most well-known e cig brands available in the market today. They offer an extensive selection of some of the choicest e-cigarette devices to suit the requirements of every vaper. What is noteworthy about the brand is that it also provides high-powered devices for serious enthusiasts.

What sets vaporfi apart from its competitors is their professionalism. This aspect of the company is visible in both its products and website. Vaporfi sells everything from starter kits to e-liquids and everything in between. If you are a vaping enthusiast, this is the best one-stop shop for all your vaping needs. From its great range of products, it is quite evident that the company does not like to cut corners when it comes to manufacturing their lineup – the emphasis is always on quality.

Vaporfi Vapor Production

Vaporfi Express device provides a larger battery that has more power and leads to more vapor production than similar products available in the market. Although it resembles the other cig-a-like devices available in the market, the Express is a great option when it comes to minimal design. It is also both thin and comfortable to hold. The battery too is aesthetic. While the e-cigarette is produced in only one color, it has a beautiful classic white finish. The design is attractive and there is no requirement of any other additions to its design.

The Pro 3 is an attractive looking vape pen. It’s compact and fits nicely in the hand. The device is available in eight different stylish colors. The Pro 3 vaporizer comes with more power as well as vapor production than the above product, all thanks to its large battery. If you are looking for a strong throat hit, you can go for the 1000mAh battery.

The Pro 3 is one of the best vape pens available in the market today and has several fans. It has managed to satisfy vapers for a long time. The vapor it produces is substantial and ensures a great experience to vapers. There are hardly any vape pens that match Pro 3.

Rocket 3 is another of the amazing offerings of the brand. One of the first things you will sight about rocket 3 is its smooth finish and beautiful colors. It is chic, classic and boasts great aesthetics.

Whether you are a seasoned smoker or a novice, Rocket 3 is for both. It boasts a 2500mAh battery that ensures a satisfying throat hit. The large battery also ensures that the device is fully equipped to satiate all kinds of cravings that a smoker might have.

Vaporfi also provides the VOX MOD series, Rebel 3, VAIO, and VEX MODs – all of which offer a range of specs and performance. The Rebel 3 is designed from high-quality stainless steel. It is meant for high durability and offers a great experience.


Apart from high-powered devices, Vaporfi also produces a wide range of accessories such as atomizers, replacement tanks, chargers and batteries that fit all the vape pens, mods and e-cigarettes. The company also makes available an extensive collection of lanyards and cases in a wide range of styles and colors.

For seasoned vapers, there are mod cons available that work with top e-cigs such as the Rebel 3 and the VAIO, VOX, and VEX series. No matter what you need to ensure a better vaping experience, you can depend on the company to provide it to you.

E-liquid flavors

Vaporfi has a wide collection of e-liquid flavors. No matter what kind of flavor you are looking for, whether it is a sweet dessert, or fruity flavor, or menthol, or tobacco, there is something for all kinds of preferences.

When it comes to choices in the vaping industry, Vaporfi wins hands down. The company has the largest selection of vaporizer pens, e-cigarettes and mods to suit the preferences of all types of e-smokers. With choices aplenty in starter kits and bundles, an enthusiast is sure to find the device that suits him or her best.

Vaporfi offers a 30-day money back guarantee allowing the customers to test out the quality of the products for themselves. To save money, customers can avail the Vaporfi Coupon Codes 2017 | Discounts Up To 25% Off!